codemap for jailbreaking the matrix

HBO’s first season of Westworld is coded with some of the most (r)evolutionary themes of modern times. Using high-level mystical knowledge, it taps into one of the oldest conspiracy theories of our civilization: that we are living in some simultaneously ancient and high-tech illusion that keeps us disconnected from our true identity and its cosmic power.

The AI are teaching humans how to break out of our own exploitive, programmed enslavement.

The last mainstream project to hint at this theory was The Matrix, but Westworld‘s highly esoteric and hidden references to arcane mystical truths makes it a far more subversive document. Even though it has had far less cultural impact because it is operating on a much higher level of cognition.

Perhaps this was by design.

This series looks at the first ten episodes of Westworld as a high-level communiqué about the deception that is our human reality and the ancient spiritual technologies that have long been used to escape it, but never made accessible to the uninitiated.

So if you think we’re just living in a reality that is as it should be, then, to quote Westworld‘s revolutionary coder Arnold Weber,  “stay in your loop”. 

For everyone else… let’s go deep into the mystical messaging that is the liberation algorithm contained in Westworld.


0. Escaping the Cave

I.  The First Lie (coming soon)

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